About Us

Shy Natives was founded by Northern Cheyenne sisters Madison and Jordan Craig.

Shy Natives aims to empower individuals with their handmade lingerie, apparel, and inspiring imagery. Each piece is designed by Madison and ethically sewn in Los Angeles. After years of struggling with fit, she taught herself how to sew bralettes and underwear. Shy Natives is not a standard indie lingerie brand. It is an ongoing art and social project. The sisters collaborate with Indigenous photographers, filmmakers, poets, models, artists and musicians to create beautiful, meaningful content. Shy Natives aims to fight the over sexualization and stereotyping of Indigenous peoples. We are reclaiming our bodies and sensuality, and providing a safe and supportive platform for humans to express themselves however they like. Currently, the sister duo are developing the Shy Natives' lingerie products. 


Photo by Derrell Lopez