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Shy Sisters Make Masks

Hello everyone, First, we are sending our love and thoughts to everyone during this scary time.  Everything is changing every day, and we made the difficult decision to take a little time away from Shy Natives the past 30+ days. Even though we had the extra time, sewing and designing lingerie and building our Kickstarter campaign just did not feel right given the circumstances. We took a much needed pause.  Instead of lingerie, Madi and our mama started sewing masks together - our Shy mask project. We are donating masks to Native American Reservations, healthcare workers, high risk individuals and elders. Our first donation went to our Northern Cheyenne Tribe. Madi and our mom have been able to knock out...

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Diego for Shy Natives

We asked Diego (Daydreamboy) eleven questions to get to know him better. Diego works closely with Shy Natives as an artist, stylist and photographer, and we love him so much.  1.) Where did you get your name Daydreamboy? it wasn’t the first instagram handle i had. my first one was just my full name, and then i had a few others before daydreamboy just came to me. i remember i was a middle school teacher at the time and i was going through a huge transition in my life, daydreamboy sort of became a way for me to honor the aspects of myself i have held onto and kept sacred since childhood, these really important facets of my overall being, my spirit....

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